Manter high-speed weighers are renowned for their accuracy and reliability

The MD14XL has been popular in the UK. The machine has 14 extra-large weighing buckets each fed by 14 small conveyors. The machine is still able to work on a small footprint as it is designed with 7 buckets and 7 opposing buckets.

With the option of belted lanes allowing quick throughput of newly harvested product.

With a capacity of up to 20 bags per minute on 25Kg Potatoes achieving an accuracy within 20g

For those with smaller capacity requirements, the M10XL 10 bucket machine operates at 12 bags per minute for 25Kg with an accuracy within 20g, dependant on size of product.

All of the above have the option of different discharge systems dependant on your product requirements.

All Manter machinery is now fitted with MMG. The Manter Machinery Gateways allows for online remote engineering support and if required, analytical data analysis allowing for optical use of the system.

Agrimech Services offer sales, service and support of all Manter Weighing and Packing Equipment in the UK.

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