Bijlsma Hercules – Grading and Crop Handling Equipment

Bijlsma offers a comprehensive range of grading and crop handling equipment for grading, box and bag filling, storing and stacking your product.

Agrimech Services offer sales, service and support of all Bijlsma equipment in the UK.

Shaker Grader Systems

Key Features

  • Adjustable riddling speeds
  • Accurate sizing
  • High capacity
  • Touch screen control
  • Small footprint
    Proving a popular grading unit in the UK with seed potato producers, due to its ability to work on a small footprint, whilst offering speed and accuracy.

Box and Bag Filling

The KV4500 Box and Bag Filler – Filling and weighing all in one

Key Features

  • Suitable for filling both boxes and big bags
  • Capacity of 45tonnes p/h on boxes and 25 tonnes p/h on big bags
  • Guaranteed cone free filling
  • Simple operator touchscreen controls allowing for easy box size changes
  • Easy changeover when bags are full
  • Set weight programming options
  • Simply moved by Forklift around the Farm

Box Filling

The KV2800 Box Filler

Key Features

  • Small and compact
  • High capacity – 50 tonnes per an hour.
  • Simply moved by Forklift around the Farm

Perfect filling: 

The 800 mm wide belt gives a high filling capacity. Sensors mounted on the belt detect the empty box and will gently feed the potatoes in.

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